2013 Rossignol Snowboards

As we having been reviewing all of the 2013 kids and junior boards that are coming out, there is one company that impressed us with the research that they put into designing their boards.  That company is Rossignol Snowboards.  Every snowboard company seems to have the next best thing as far as shape and design that is the best for the little riders.  Rossignol is no exception to the rule, but the process of conceptualizing their snowboards was a bit different than their competitors stories.  Rossignol worked closely with the AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors), to come up with a board that would be great for beginners, but would also help the more advanced kid to progress.  They collaborated on the design to get all the specs and shapes just right for that purpose.  What they came up with was the AutoTurn Amptek which has a %20 camber and %80 rocker shape.  The camber is placed consistently between the two bindings while the rocker starts underneath the bindings carrying out through the tip and tail.  The purpose being that their true twin tipped boards will still be able to hold an edge, rather than a fully rocker board.  It will speed up the learning process for the grom, but also be able to help them progress by learning edge control.  After being a snowboard instructor for a number of years and also being a person who sales snowboards, this is one of the board shapes I’ve seen that makes the most sense for kids.  Teaching a child on a 100% percent rockered snowboard (shape is like a banana) is easier because it is harder for them to catch an edge.  The problem is that as the start to progress, it is harder to use the edges and learn that control.  They will mostly just skid around.  Putting the camber (flip that banana around) in between the bindings will help them to get into their edge.  It’s the best of both worlds.  There are many good variations of  combining the two shapes that are produced by different companies.   But, I  think that Rossignol is the one that got it right for kids and junior snowboards.

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Rossignol Scan Amptek Snowboard 110 regularly 169.95 on sale 118.95
Rossignol Alias Amptek Snowboard – Kids’ regularly 259.95 on sale 155.97
Rossignol Alias Amptek Snowboard – Kids’ regularly 259.95 on sale 155.97
Rossignol Alias Amptek Snowboard 140 regularly 259.95 on sale 181.95


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