686 Iconic Jacket

Author – J Rhodes

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how cool your grom’s snowboard is. If your child isn’t warm and comfortable, then they are not going to be able to spend anytime gaining the experience to become the pro snowboarder that we all know they are going to be. That’s where 686 comes into the picture.

First and foremost, if you browse over to 686’s website you’ll notice they have a healthy amount of youth offerings. With a strong collection of both boys and girls jackets and pants in a wide array of styles you will be hard pressed not to find an outfit that your child will love. While we picked out the boys Iconic jacket as our feature, don’t overlook jackets and pants in their ‘Smarty’ collection. Smarty refers to a 3-in-1 option that includes a zip-in liner with the jacket or pant for weather dependent customization. It’s nice to be able to buy the same technologies for your little shredder that you yourself use everyday.

Besides candy, stickers, and recess, one thing that kids always love isarge logos. 686 keyed into this with their Iconic jacket given the large stamped logo on the left upper chest.  Beyond having strong street style, the Iconic jacket offers a healthy sampling of synthetic insulation with more in the body than the sleeves providing superior warmth where you need it, as well as greater mobility where you need it. Smart right?

Other features to make your kids’ day better include a large upper chest cargo pocket for his pb&j, an internal pocket for his emergency money and phone, an adjustable powder skirt to keep him dry, and a large hood for those cold windy days. But my favorite feature integrated in every 686 youth jacket is their ‘youth evolution sleeve length extension system.’ That’s a fancy term that translates into mom and dad spending less money. With a built in, removable hem into the sleeve, the sleeve will extend an extra 2 inches longer when the easy-to-remove hem is snipped with scissors and pulled out. Genius. You’ll see the same technology applied to the waist and legs of their pants as well. Now your kid will have to make up an incredibly elaborate story about getting his jacket stolen by bullies to be able to don fresh threads every year since he certainly won’t outgrow it after the first year.

With over 20 years of designing under their belt, this Southern California brand has definitely figured out how to make outerwear for the true snowboarder. From fashion to function it’s nice to see the same technologies and style bleed down from their adult pieces to their youth line. Style wise the Iconic jacket is my first pick, but you can be confident in the quality, function, and style in any 686 piece. Pair this jacket with their Smarty Cargo pant and you will be on the fast track to warm and styley riding with your grom, no matter the conditions outside.

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686 Mannual Iconic Insulated Jacket – Boys’ regularly 140.00 on sale 63.00










FamilyShred Rider Gautier Gallas displaying the 686 Iconic Jacket in action




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