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With all the new technology that is out there for our kids to play with, iPods, cell phones, gaming systems, etc., have you ever wandered if your kid’s headphones are actually safe?  With smaller ear canals in a child’s ear, sound is amplified much more than it would be in an adult’s ear.  85db is the safe level of listening for children according to OSHA.  If we want to keep our kids safe and bump their tunes at the same time, what do we do?  Thanks to Aerial7  we have an answer.  Aerial7 is a headphone company that was started in 2008 with business headquarters in Los Angeles and a design center in Australia.  With a long list of excellent products, Aerial7 has added the Arcade, a child specific headphone.  The Arcade is their first headphone that has their Automatic Volume Reduction Technology (AVR™).  If your child turns it up or accidentally pumps up the volume the AVR with automatically take it down to OSHA’s standard of 85db’s.  You can be assured that your child is listening at a safe level at all times.   Aerial7 sent us a pair of the Arcade headphones for my three year old son to test out.  First off, his  impression was how cool they looked.  The Arcade comes in four different designs that your child will really like, whether boy or girl.  The next thing that I noticed was how well they fit and stayed on his head.  There was no “Dad, fix this!” repeating over and over.  He danced all over the house and really loved the headphones.  The main thing is just knowing as a parent, that your son or daughter is not damaging their ears.

On March 8, 2012 Aerial7’s Arcade Children’s Headphone was awarded with the PTPA Winner’s Seal of Approval.  Parent Tested Parent Approved Media has North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community, with over 40,000 parents and was rated the most trusted seal by 22,000 parents.  Independent parent volunteers evaluate products in their own home to ensure that PTPA winners are chosen bases on merit and consumer experience – not on commercial considerations.  You can put your trust in this product.

After seeing the AVR Technology first hand, I can strongly recommend this product for your child.  Priced at $35, you will be getting a cool, durable, and safe headphone.  Below you can find links to Aerial7’s website and also to their store locator where you can find a place near you to pick some up.  Additionally, will be holding a contest and giving away a pair of the Arcades!  Stay tuned for details.

Aerial7 Store Locator


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