Sophia Capua

FamilyShred Team Starts Strong

Chase Blackwell

The FamilyShred Team has started the winter out going full force.  This weekend team riders Chase Blackwell, Sophia Capua, and Max Williams all competed in the USASA Half Pipe Comp at Copper Mountain, CO.  Chase and Sophia both took 1st place in their divisions while Max finished 6th respectively in his.  Awesome job for all three!  Also, Sophia officially joined the Flow Snowboards Micron team and had a chance to film with them at Breckenridge Ski Resort, CO on Sunday.  We are very proud of her and excited for her family.  Team Rider Paisley Flowers was having a great time riding with family at Stevens Pass, WA, see picture below.  In addition team riders Timothy and Promise Malueg were getting their urban jib on with Timothy landing his first back flip ever!  What at great start this winter for the FamilyShred Team.

Below are some pics and video of this incredible crew of kids…




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