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Top 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Author – J Rhodes

It’s that time of the year again. I know, super busy right? You just finished cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner whilst entertaining the in-laws for the past week and now you’re supposed to turn your attention towards your kids’ gifts that you won’t even get credit for because they haven’t figured out the whole Santa Claus thing yet. Well, let us at least help you with the little things that are somehow the hardest to think about during this magical holiday season.

1.      Stickers
Every kid in the world, without exception, loves stickers. Here’s a secret: go to your local snowboard shop and ask them for free stickers. Every shop in the world has more stickers than they know what to do with, so you might as well cash in on them. Or open a Smith goggle box and you’re almost guaranteed a free sticker. You can also buy large die-cut stickers from your grom’s favorite snowboard company so that he can make his or her snowboard look just like their favorite Pro. Don’t forget to rep your local snowboard shop too.  You can always purchase $5 sticker packs from FamilyShred as well.

2.      Socks
Help keep your kids’ feet warm and dry all day with these socks that use high quality merino wool in addition to great styling. It’s funny that a $15-20 accessory can make or break your day out on the hill. Look to either the Burton Emblem Sock or Smartwool’s Kids Snowboard Sock to stoke out your grom Christmas morning.

3.      Mini-tools
Just in case his or her binding gets loose and the local shop is too far away, give yourself some peace of mind with the ability for your grom to fix it themselves. Add some training lessons on how to tighten and tweak their bindings and you’re guaranteed some priceless bonding time. Look at the Stance Driver from DaKine or the ultra small FBI-6 by Burton.

4.      Base Layers
There’s little sense in buying your kid the best jacket and pant out there if he or she is going to wear cotton up against the skin. Synthetic layers wick moisture (aka sweat) away from the skin instead of soaking it in like cotton. Check out these styley pieces that are as functional as they are cool: the Dakine Cornice Pull Over/ Dakine Astral , or the Burton Box Set Baselayer for boys, and the same for the girls.

5.      Stomp Pad
Like a sticker, a stomp pad can help your grom express their individual style while helping them one-footie off of the lift. Pick out some really cool designs from DaKine, Neff, Volcom, or Burton  showcasing some of their favorite brands’ logos. Keep in mind, the small studs are a cool way to make their own design but tend to get kicked off of their board easier.

6.      Beanie
If you’re looking for a cool beanie there’s a ton of great offerings from Neff and Coal. Neff tends to cater towards the more fun, loud, bright colors, while Coal harbors their Northwest roots with more muted colors and sailor/ lumberjack/ artist inspired styles. Personal favorites of mine are the Neff Trio and the Coal Logo.

7.      Headphones
Help your kid amp up this year with a great pair of headphones. Over the ear headphones tend to work best for going to school and home use while ear buds make it easier to wear with their helmet on the hill. There’s no shortage of options out there, but some of my favorites are Aerial7’s Arcade headphone, Skullcandy’s Smokin’ Buds, and 2XL Grid Rasta Headphones. Remember, you may not want to spend too much as the only thing harder on headphones than a cold, wet environment is a grom shredder.

8.      Spring Gloves
Your kid should already have his or her every day snowboard glove, but it can be nice to have a glove that suits those warm spring days, or provides some extra warmth waiting for the bus. Check out the Grenade Lizard Glove to fit your child’s needs this winter.

9.      Face Mask
This category has exploded over the last few years, and for good reason. Ditch the cotton bandanas of Christmas past and add some serious style to your outfit this year with this must have accessory. The styles are endless from Snoop Dogg’s (or Lion’s) face, to kittens, to scarves. My personal picks include the Celtek Payson Facemask, the Sucker Mask by Neff, The Yowie by Outdoor Technology, and the First Layer Facemask by Burton.

10.   Favorite Pro Snowboarder showing up to your house dressed like Santa Claus
This is the only person potentially cooler than dad himself. If you somehow pull this off we will automatically send you a trophy for P.O.T.Y. (Parent Of The Year), and please email us at with pics to prove.

Happy Holidays From the Crew at FamilyShred…

About the Author

J RhodesJ Rhodes started shredding at the age of 12 on a family vacation to Sunlight ski resort outside of Glenwood Springs on a Hooger rental board with Clicker bindings. From day one he was hooked, he bought his first setup with paper route money, and from that point on shredding promptly took over his life and carries through to this day. 
J currently is the Head of Retail at Eldora Mountain Resort in Colorado.  He will tell  you  tales of riding his favorite mountain where he lived for 5 years in Telluride, Colorado. It was in Telluride that he was able to live the true mountain lifestyle.
A big mountain rider at heart with a desire for exploring the backcountry he will still always appreciate a day ripping groomers with his crew of friends that originate from his hometown of Lyons, Colorado.

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