Gautier Gallas

Gautier Gallas, age 10 from France, is an incredible talent.  His story is different than many kids we come across.  His parents aren’t snowboarders and he hasn’t been doing it since he was a toddler.  Gautier just started last year and rides like a seasoned veteran.  He is good at every aspect of snowboarding from ripping through powder, to rails, big jumps, and halfpipe.  In his short time of snowboarding, he has gained sponsors and notoriety.  Gautier also has the insight of an aged rider and gets what it’s all about.  When asked what he liked most about snowboarding, Gautier said “I like flying, freedom, and being one with nature”.  That sums up why most of us strap on our board season after season.  Take a look at his video and interview with FamilyShred.  We had a language barrier on this one, but thanks to Gautier’s friends and family, we made it happen.

 Interview with Gautier

Age?  I’m 10 years old.  I was born in the French Basque Country on September the 11th, 2001 (one hour before the twin tower attack).

Hometown? I’m living now in Aime –Savoie, France, next to La Plagne/Arcs

Years of riding? I started snowboarding last year.

Sponsors? GOPRO / XSORIES / 686 / FLOW / ICETOOLS / HO5PARKS / SEVENTYONE PERCENT.  I want to thank all the people who support me with me my passion. My parents, the CREW, FREE RULES.

What Board do you ride?  I’m using a Flow’s board dedicated to the park and the pipe.

Goofy or Reg?  Regular

Fav Rider? Shaun White, definitely. Also, young riders – Boris Mouton, Francis Jobin

Fav Trick? Grabs, Backside Air

Best trick you’ve learned this season? Backside Air on the wall

Hobbies? I really love reading books or chess gaming, playing poker …

Fav School Subject ?  I like to learn new things and I’m currently fascinated by mythology. It makes me dream.  I also like to learn history.

Who taught you to snowboard?  My first time on a board was in Gourette during the holidays with my parents. I saw a snowboarder in the park and it was really nice. So, I asked my parents if I could try snowboarding. Because they are not at all in the world of skiing or snowboarding, it’s me who has just learned.

What do you like most about snowboarding? I like flying, freedom, and being one with the nature.

What do you get out of snowboarding? When I practice I have to overcome my fears. I try to be better, to go higher. Sometimes I fall and it’s painful, but I have to continue again and again.  Before starting this sport I didn’t know I was able to push myself.

Favorite moment you’ve ever had on a snowboard? Every day on my board is a good day. I can ride powder, slopestyle, or half pipe.  I don’t really care. I have to be on my board, it’s the most important thing to me because I feel free. My best day on a snowboard is always the next day I can get on a snowboard!

What do you do want to be when you grow up? I dream to become a professional snowboarder, but I know that studies are important. I have two years advanced programs at school, that’s good. Why not become an English teacher?

Favorite song? No favorite song. It only has to sound good!

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