Chris Corning

#ShowYourFamilyShred Winners

ShowYourFamilyShredThe second annual #ShowYourFamilyShred Video Contest was once again a huge success!  We want to thank everyone that submitted an entry.  We realize that it takes much more to produce an edit than just going up and filming for a couple of days.  To all the kids that are pushing progression at a young age and changing the game, GOOD JOB!  To all the parents that drive their child to the hill, shoot the video, spend hours editing, and giving their Groms constant support, GOOD JOB!  You all did awesome.  We wanted to share a couple of the top winners, but will periodically share all the videos that were submitted.  To everyone that did enter, we are currently sending out a survey to get the right sizes for your prizes.  A big thanks to our sponsors Never Summer Industries, Outdoor Tech, Vans, Smith Optics, Origin Snow, Ignite Media Works, Progresh, and YES. Snowboards.

Overall 1st Place Winner – Chris Corning

Chris Corning – Full Part 2013 from Steven Cummings on Vimeo.

 2nd Place – Finn Firestone

3rd Place – Jake Canter

jake v3 from Satchele Burns on Vimeo.

Best Little Grom Vid – Paisley Flowers

 Best Family Video – The Action Crew

Honorable Mentions

Caleb Bonneville

Caleb Shreds from doug bonneville on Vimeo.

 Aiden Chmura

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