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Xavier De Le Rue Interview

Big Mountain and Snowboardcross legend, Xavier De Le Rue is our first Pro/Parent to start off our series of interviews this winter.  We will be keeping these short and sweet with some basic questions about being a snowboarder and a parent.  Xavier sent us an audio file of himself answering our questions while he was training in New Zealand recently.  It was very cool to listen to this super intense rider talk about his daughter.  We thank him very much for taking the time with FamilyShred.  You will find the audio and transcript of the interview below as well as the teaser of Xavier De Le Rue’s movie White Noise.

Audio of the Interview


Name – Xavier De Le Rue

 Sponsors – The North Face, Rossignol Snowboards, Swatch, Relentless, GoPro, Smith Optics, ABS, Deeluxe, Recco, and Blue Tomato

Where do you live?  Verbier Switzerland and St Lary in the Pyrenees

How many children and ages?  One daughter and she is almost eight years old

What is the biggest moment you have had as a snowboarder?  I think that my biggest moment as a snowboarder has been my victory in the Verbier Extreme 2010.  It was the final of the world tour and I won the title and I then did a huge line that I opened actually.  That was really something beyond like my standards.Xavier and Mila

Do you snowboard with your child?  I spend probably more time riding with my daughter than riding for myself when I’m off shooting and competitions.  That’s something that I really, really love.  She does ski and snowboarding, she does a bit of both.  I think it’s one of the things where we have the most connection.  One of the sports where we share the most together.  So I think I really cherish these moments that we have together.

What do you see in the future for snowboarding?  Well, that’s a tough question.  Snowboarding is at the evolution for sure.  I see more and more children starting it.  At least in Europe there has been a fully kind of controversy about the fact that children shouldn’t do snowboarding, they should start skiing because it’s bad for their knees and because they could become ski instructors later and not snowboard instructors.  And I think slowly that whole BS will vanish and people will start to be more reasonable.  So I think that will be the future and also those kids are gonna be the ones that are going to make us dream in a few years.

Other than the day of your child’s birth, what has been your proudest day as a parent?  It’s hard to define one moment that stands out above all the others, but I guess that lately you know I went wakeboarding with her.  I have been really, really proud to see her try to take off with a wakeboard over and over and over, maybe thirty times.  Which normally she would have just like tried a bit and then stopped.  There she was really having fun and she was really trying hard and I could see that she grew.  It really won my heart.

What would you change about snowboarding?  If I would change something about snowboarding it could probably be the attitude of people towards it.  I think that people don’t realize how snowboarding is freaking amazing.  How much of an amazing tool it is, especially in powder.  So, yeah I think that snowboarding doesn’t completely have the space that it deserves in society, but in a way.  The core group of people that ride it know what it’s all about.

Do you think snowboarding has changed for you now that you are a parent?  Well, I think that yeah for sure snowboarding, well the fact of having a child makes you in a way more responsible.  It makes you understand a lot of things and it makes you grow.  I guess that the moment I had Mila I could ask myself if I should change my life when she came.   I think that with her mom we thought it was probably better that we kept on doing what we had always done, what we like, and what makes us happy people, and to try to share these values with our kid instead of just changing and maybe being a little frustrated.  So, I think I’m quite happy with that and I’m quite comfortable with everything I do.

Thanks again Xavier De Le Rue!  Check out his website, Facebook Page, and video White Noise.


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WHITE NOISE teaser from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.






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